AEG Europe Head Office - FAQ’s

AEG is one of the leading sports and entertainment presenters in the world. It is owned by Philip Anschutz an American entrepreneur which is where the name AEG comes from (Anschutz Entertainment Group). The AEG worldwide corporate office is based in L.A and our European headquarters are based in London.

AEG Europe comprises in the UK of The O2; The SSE Arena, Wembley; MBNA Thames Clippers; and AEG Presents, which includes the Eventim Apollo and indigo at The O2; along with Mercedes-Benz Arena, Berlin; Barclaycard Arena, Hamburg and Stockholm Globe Arenas in Europe.

The AEG team works together to create one-of-a-kind live entertainment experiences. The AEG Europe Head office is the home of the European divisions for Global Partnerships, Legal, Real Estate, Sports, HR, IT, Strategy and Facilities.

For Candidates

1. How do I apply for a job at AEG Europe?

We advertise on a number of different sites such as LinkedIn and Indeed, as well as our own careers site. If you find a role that matches your experience and skill set, please read the advert carefully and then click the “apply now” button and follow all the instructions thoroughly. It normally takes about 5-10 minutes to apply for a role with us through our recruitment system.

2. How do I get my CV or application noticed?

Keep it simple, concise, easy to read and focused on selling your skills. The challenge is to do all that while making it more appealing and attractive than the rest. The most important thing is that it looks professional and clear. And, above all, it should be completely accurate with no grammatical errors, spelling mistakes or typos.

Presentation and order is important so that we can absorb key points quickly. This brings us on to length. Even for the most senior individual, a CV should be no longer than two pages. So please think carefully about the words and phrases you use.

You should also consider the typeface, colour, headings, capital letters and positioning. We’re not going to be prescriptive about this as, ultimately, it’s down to your personal taste. Just make sure it looks clear and professional, and that it won’t distort when viewed on a variety of software platforms.

3. What is AEG Europe’s interview process?

This does tend to vary according to the role but in general it’s a minimum two-stage process. We’ll review your experience, a range of competencies and if it’s relevant we’ll also ask you to prepare some form of exercise or presentation at either the first or second stage. For some roles, we’ll ask candidates selected for interview to complete a variety of tests. These could include a Behavioural Personality Questionnaire.

If you have applied for one of our customer facing roles, you may be invited to one of our assessment centres. These are group assessments where you will be given a number of team tasks to complete with your fellow candidates and then you will be interviewed. Our assessment centres normally last for around 3.5 hours and we are looking for great team work, communication and customer service skills.

4. Can I apply for more than one position?

Yes, but please make sure that they are all positions you have the experience and skills to do – and do well.

5. I have applied for a job - will I receive a personal response?

We’ll let you know when we have received your application by email. We will then let you know at which stage of the process you are at, by email. So please make sure you check your spam folder if you don’t receive an email from us.

6. I was not successful in the application process. Will I get feedback?

It depends where you were in the process. We’re able to give feedback after interviews, but not after the CV screening stage – the high number of applications we receive means that, unfortunately, we just can’t get back to everyone.

7. Can I register as a speculative applicant?

We don’t accept speculative applications, but you can sign up for job alerts so you know when the right position comes along.

8. I am having issues saving my job submission and application, what should I do?

We usually find these types of issues are related to running an older version of web browsers. For optimum performance on our site, we recommend that you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7.0 upwards or Mozilla Firefox version 3.0 upwards.

You can check the version of your web browser by clicking on “Help” from the dropdown menu at the top of the screen and then clicking on the “About ”  option. The version is displayed in the popup window.

If you are running an older unsupported web browser version, you can download later supported versions of Internet Explorer or Firefox from the links below:

Get Internet Explorer 8


Get Mozilla Firefox

If you are still experiencing issues, to help us look into your issue, please could you take a “screenshot” (you can take a screenshot of any error messages that you encounter by holding down the Ctrl + Print Screen keys simultaneously on your keyboard and then paste this into the body of an email) and email this to us at

For Agencies

1. Does AEG Europe use recruitment agencies?

We try and direct source as much as possible and try and keep agency use to an absolute minimum. If we decide to use an agency it will be from our preferred supplier list (PSL) which works for us really well.

2. How can we work with AEG Europe?

Our PSL serves us really well and we very rarely remove any agencies from it. If we feel that an agency isn’t working well for us anymore, we will carry out some research on agencies who perform well in that sector.

3. Will you accept speculative CVs from recruitment agencies?

No, please do not send any speculative CV’s as these will just be deleted.

4. How often should we contact you and how?

We would rather you didn’t contact us as we are happy with our recruitment process and are not looking to update our PSL.